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Coaching is a partnership or agreement between a client and a coach based on mutually established goals.

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The families who do best are the families who are engaged in a recovery process and are supported throughout that process.


An intervention is a technique used to encourage or direct an addict or alcoholic to agree to go to rehabilitation for his or her addiction problem.


It takes commitment and a solid support system to take control of your life once and for all. Here’s a list of trusted Recovery providers in the community to help you along the way.


Michael Herbert: CAC, CASAC, ICADC, CIP
Real Recovery Starts Here

Michael Herbert is an internationally recognized clinician in addiction treatment with over 25 years of experience working closely with individuals and their families. He has accumulated over 70 hours of intervention specific training and more than 125 hours, of professional coaching education through the University of Miami. He is a seasoned interventionist and an accomplished expert in addiction counseling, self-help methods, aftercare programs, and the implementation of drug abuse prevention strategies. Michael is a national speaker on topics such as addiction in families; men’s issues in recovery; wealth, power and fame in addiction. Michael speaks from experience, as he has spent over two decades on his own personal recovery journey.

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