Cultural Barriers for Recovery from a Hispanic Perspective

Asking for help is difficult in any language and any culture. How do we know when we need help? Who to ask for it and how to pay for it? What are our family and friends going to say if we ask for help? How are they going to feel about it? What are people Read more about Cultural Barriers for Recovery from a Hispanic Perspective[…]

What is Structured Family Recovery™?

To start let’s talk about treatment and what treatment offers. Treatment offers stabilization for the addict and alcoholic in the acute phase of addiction. Most addicts and alcoholics can stay clean and sober during a detox or inpatient treatment, there are some exceptions. Addiction is  that “thing” takes over and even in the best conditions Read more about What is Structured Family Recovery™?[…]

African American Alcoholics (Part 1)

My names is James C, I’m an alcoholic who happens to be of African American descent. My experience coming into alcoholics anonymous is similar to most other African Americans in that there was the fear of not being accepted and being judged on the color of my skin not the content of my character. Just Read more about African American Alcoholics (Part 1)[…]