5 Tips For Getting The Job You Really Want

suit-portrait-preparation-weddingBE RESPECTFUL

Have a respectful relationship with everyone you work with; you never know when you may need them. Today, the job you get can and will rely upon the relationships you make in the workplace and outside of the work place. You have nothing to lose by being kind to others and everything to gain. It is impossible to predict who your connections will be. So be nice to people.You don’t have to be friends with everyone you work with, but you should have a respectful working relationship.

There is nothing that can ruin your working reputation more than being labeled with the phrase, “He’s a good guy but he’s hard to work with.” No one will hire or recommend a guy who is, hard to work with. I lost a job, but what saved me were the people I had great relationships with. They helped me more than I thought they would. Remember the best of the best can be replaced, NO ONE is irreplaceable, so be kind, respectful and work hard at the job you have now, it will put you in a great position to get the job you really want.


You are not going to jump online, send your resume, have an interview in the morning and start after lunch. Finding the job you really want is a full time job.  You have to use all of the resources available to you.  Talk to people, apply online to as many jobs as you can find that fit what you are looking for. Do not just sit at the computer and expect that every job is posted online. Check the papers; yes people still post jobs in the newspaper. Get on your feet and go to the place you want to work and ask if they are hiring.  One man I have worked with over the years, applied to over a hundred places and only got called for two interviews. He ended up only going on one interview and he has held that job for over 5 years. If you treat finding a job like a full time job, you will get a full-time job you love.


You have don’t have to stop being who you are, but you have got to know your audience. People don’t have to accept you, but your job is to get the job and once you have proven yourself there could be some flexibility in your style and you will be awarded freedom of expression. Know your audience and dress for the job you want. You may think that tattoos, piercings and pink hair are cool, but the person sitting across the table trying to decide if he wants to pay you money may not. Know Your Audience! Employers only have on average about 25 minutes to decide if they want to hire you, you need to make sure that your actions, your resume and your words are the things that determine if you get hired or not. Do not lose a great opportunity because of your tattoos. Get the job, prove yourself, and then discuss you eccentricities.


Too often we hide our ideas and practices from our competition in business.  This wall that is built between people sharing in a common industry will hinder you from making inter-industry connections and relationships. Keep good relationships with your co-workers but keep the competition closer.  When it comes time for you to look for a new job, you may find yourself looking across the street and a friend in the business could be the thing that gets you that interview for that job you always dreamed of.


It’s hard to take a leap of faith when you’re broke. Save your money so you can work at finding the job you really want. When you are broke you will have to jump at the first job that will pay you. Having money in the bank will buy you time, patience and focus.