December 8, 2015

About Michael Herbert

Michael Herbert is an internationally recognized clinician in addiction treatment with over 25 years of experience working closely with individuals and their families. He has accumulated over 70 hours of intervention specific training and more than 125 hours of professional coaching education through the University of Miami. He is a seasoned interventionist and an accomplished expert in addiction counseling, self-help methods, aftercare programs, and the implementation of drug abuse prevention strategies. Michael is a national speaker on topics such as addiction in families, men’s issues in recovery, wealth, power, and fame in addiction. Michael speaks from experience, as he has spent over two decades on his own personal recovery journey.

Michael has extended his work internationally; he has taught addiction counseling at Behman Hospital in Cairo, Egypt, worked as a consultant for the Cairo American College, the Maadi Psychological Center, and facilitated the establishment of prevention interventions  in Cape Town South Africa. He has also developed and facilitated self-help groups in North Africa. Currently, he is collaborating with the Eden House in Kenya to assist in development of their addiction treatment program.

Domestically, Michael has developed programming for the New York Theological 9534af_1325542ba3d14d1d9d68829b898c2c77Seminary, the Children At Risk program, and the New York City Police Department Members Assistance Program (MAP). He directed Inter-Care LTD in New York City and served as a consultant for Columbia Tri-Star television as well as the Dance Theater of Harlem. Michael is a published writer, and has been featured in both national and international magazines. Currently, he is the Director of Program Development at Alternatives in Treatment and the Delray Recovery Center.

In his personal time, Michael enjoys an athletic lifestyle and at the age of 48, he became a marathon runner. He has run races across both the United States and East Africa. In 2012, Michael completed an ultra marathon, running over 155 miles through the Sahara Desert. He serves as a board member for the Runwell Foundation, is a Crossfit enthusiast, and is veteran of the U.S. Navy.

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