Barbershop Wisdom

If you hang around the barber shop long enough you’re gonna get a haircut.

This is usually meant to say the addict is headed for relapse, hanging around drug related people, places, and things.

Why do you think the above “Barbershop” saying  has a negative spin? Social scientists have proven that we are highly influenced by others. I invite you to help change “The Barber Shop”.

The barber shop can be:

  •  Going to therapy
  • Structured Family Recovery
  • Attending 12 step meetings
  • Practicing the principles
  • Sticking with the winners
  • Living ethical behaviors

“The haircut” could be Recovery and not relapse. We can enable recovery by putting a positive spin on the things we say.  Recovery does happen when people are in places where they can recover. The grass grows where it is watered.

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