Healing The Family by Enabling Recovery

Imagine waking suddenly on the deck of a ship in the middle of a storm. You’re far out to sea, there isn’t any land as far as you can see. You’re not alone on this ship—your whole family is there with you—but how did you get here? The last thing you can remember is being Read more about Healing The Family by Enabling Recovery[…]

Dying for a Road Trip: How Drugged Driving Hurts Us All

23 year old Colorado resident Tanya Guevara just wanted to get home safe and sound with her son on that day in 2010. But that would never happen, thanks to 22 year old drug user Steven Ryan, who took the pair’s lives in a marijuana-related auto crash. The court later sentenced Ryan to 10 years Read more about Dying for a Road Trip: How Drugged Driving Hurts Us All[…]

Chewing Coca Leaves – A Reservation for Relapse

I’m back from my trip to Peru. I was excited about going on this trip as it was going to be the first trip I’ve taken with a group. I usually travel alone, but this time I wanted to try something different. Prior to my trip I talked to several people about going to Peru Read more about Chewing Coca Leaves – A Reservation for Relapse[…]

Who Is Michael Herbert?

Michael Herbert has been in recovery for over 28 years, and believes that anyone seeking recovery can get it.  With recovery we can change the lives of others.  Michael works as an addiction counselor and has worked in the field of addiction for almost 3 decades. His education began at the Conifer Park Training Institute, with a thirteen-month Read more about Who Is Michael Herbert?[…]

What About Smoking?

You are reminded in some self help groups that Alcohol is a drug. Seventy percent of addicts and eighty five percent of alcoholics smoke. Wow, talk about addiction.  Treatment programs talk about a holistic approach. They use a medical model, but they allow smoking. One of the excuses is “lets take care of one thing at a time”. Really? Read more about What About Smoking?[…]

From Crisis To Calm

My son began smoking pot in middle school when he was fourteen.  His grades started declining and he became lethargic and had no interest in anything.  He got caught smoking pot in the tenth grade and was expelled. His father and myself decided to send him to a prep school.  His situation got worse as he Read more about From Crisis To Calm[…]

Is There A Stigma Surrounding Addiction?

Stigma around addiction remains. Society still looks down upon addicts. There are those who see addicts as the bottom of the barrel, weak willed and choosing to ruin their lives. The stigma prevents some from getting help. Others do see them selves as, inferior, worthless and hopeless.  Addicts and alcoholics are not bad people. Their behavior can be bizarre, Read more about Is There A Stigma Surrounding Addiction?[…]

What is Structured Family Recovery™?

To start let’s talk about treatment and what treatment offers. Treatment offers stabilization for the addict and alcoholic in the acute phase of addiction. Most addicts and alcoholics can stay clean and sober during a detox or inpatient treatment, there are some exceptions. Addiction is  that “thing” takes over and even in the best conditions Read more about What is Structured Family Recovery™?[…]

African American Alcoholics (Part 1)

My names is James C, I’m an alcoholic who happens to be of African American descent. My experience coming into alcoholics anonymous is similar to most other African Americans in that there was the fear of not being accepted and being judged on the color of my skin not the content of my character. Just Read more about African American Alcoholics (Part 1)[…]

Part 2: The Path To Freedom Is Eliminating Shame

One common symptom of shame is developing codependent relationships with others. When working with others in their recovery one of the first things we learn is to be comfortable in your own skin – to love yourself unconditionally. If you love yourself unconditionally then you accept all the good and bad you have to offer, Read more about Part 2: The Path To Freedom Is Eliminating Shame[…]

Part 1: “The Beginning” Shame and Addiction

With almost thirty years of recovery and twenty five years working in the addiction recovery field, I continue to evaluate barriers to recovery. What gets in the way of truly experiencing all recovery has to offer? My answer continues to be simple. Shame. It has taken me over half of my life not to view Read more about Part 1: “The Beginning” Shame and Addiction[…]

Recovery…Recovered That Is The Question (Part 2)

Everyone in addiction is different and goes through their own personal process of recovery. That is the beauty of us as individuals. Everyone has their own personal battles to overcome. Some may need medication to keep from using drugs. Being on a mood stabilizer can have its benefits in the short-term; however, in the long Read more about Recovery…Recovered That Is The Question (Part 2)[…]

Recovery…Recovered That Is The Question (Part 1)

The 12 step programs says that once one is in recovery they are always in recovery. Some use the term “recovered” when speaking about overcoming their addiction to drugs and alcohol. Which is correct, in recovery or recovered? And does it matter? The terms we use to describe ourselves and others matter. Language matters; however, Read more about Recovery…Recovered That Is The Question (Part 1)[…]

She Trembles

Trembling, as I document the downward spiral of, my daughter, my light. She has always been strong and independent. It is hard to watch her struggle and denial the substance that has taken over her former self. She a mere skeleton of the happy child she was once. The trail of fabrication about where she Read more about She Trembles[…]

All I Want For The Holidays Is A Sober Son

This message is about faith, hope and Gratitude. I first would like to give thanks to my higher power I choose to call G’d. I can remember as a child growing up wanting to become someone famous for helping others! I was a rebel but was against using drugs and alcohol as a child. Due Read more about All I Want For The Holidays Is A Sober Son[…]

Do You Believe People Are Afraid of Addicts?

Q:DO YOU BELIEVE PEOPLE ARE AFRAID OF ADDICTS? A: I believe people are afraid of addicts they don’t know. People are afraid of anything they do not know about. The fear of the unknown has plagued people for years. The stigma attached to addiction creates this fear. Of course you’re going to be afraid of Read more about Do You Believe People Are Afraid of Addicts?[…]