What Went Well In My Recovery (Part 2)

Hi Michael…..I’m pleased to share how proud I feel when I see my son pursuing his career path, thinking clearly, concerned about his physical fitness, and once again being the thoughtful, caring, and loving person I knew him to be when he was a youngster. Because we came so close to what could have happened,[…]

Keep It Simple Series Part 2: What Do Families Need to Understand About Recovery?

There is a lot of misunderstanding about addiction and how families can help. Stigma and denial play an important role in blocking the recovery process. “I still have a job”, “I’m too young”, and “I’m not that bad”. Somehow the idea of being a “functional addict or alcoholic” validates the continued use.  Family members buy into these misconceptions. If the[…]

What is Structured Family Recovery™?

To start let’s talk about treatment and what treatment offers. Treatment offers stabilization for the addict and alcoholic in the acute phase of addiction. Most addicts and alcoholics can stay clean and sober during a detox or inpatient treatment, there are some exceptions. Addiction is  that “thing” takes over and even in the best conditions[…]

Still Clean and Still Standing Tall

Over the past year our family has overcome many heart wrenching obstacles. It all started in June 2015. My aunt had a massive stroke. After 6 months of hospitals and long term care facilities she lost the battle to stay alive. I lost my favorite person in the world.  I lost my best friend. The[…]

Home For The Holidays

During the holiday season many families get together for dinner and reunion.  For many the holiday season is a joyful time, for many others it is too traumatic to endure. The mixture of personalities can and often does bring about a mixture of behaviors. Old memories of events are brought to light and often make[…]

Training Wheels (cont.)

There is a saying, “move a muscle, change a thought”. Recovery for families is not an intellectual process it is action. What is that action? Find someone who can direct you to the people and places where families recover. Someone who knows how to motivate the family and the addict, to take the steps needed[…]

Training Wheels

Most people can remember learning to ride a bicycle for the first time, and falling off as a result, of not having the understanding of balance and gravity. Understanding the disease of addiction and managing recovery of that disease can be compared to waiting for a new bicycle as a present, and wanting to ride[…]

Boundaries and Consequences – Road To Recovery Part 2

The addict/alcoholic and family members should go to different meetings, this is an essential in creating healthy boundaries, because each needs a place they can share and receive help without reservation, where emotions can be shown and the truth told. Another essential boundary is not being overly involved in the addict’s life when it comes to consequences.[…]