Getting Your Life Back on Track While in Recovery: Tips for Making 2018 Your Best Year

So you’re in recovery and you blew it. It happens to the best of us. The good thing is that you can recover. Here are some tips for getting yourself back on track. First of all, acknowledge that you’re not perfect and then forgive yourself for messing up. Recovery is a process, with many stops Read more about Getting Your Life Back on Track While in Recovery: Tips for Making 2018 Your Best Year[…]

Chewing Coca Leaves – A Reservation for Relapse

I’m back from my trip to Peru. I was excited about going on this trip as it was going to be the first trip I’ve taken with a group. I usually travel alone, but this time I wanted to try something different. Prior to my trip I talked to several people about going to Peru Read more about Chewing Coca Leaves – A Reservation for Relapse[…]

Who Is Michael Herbert?

Michael Herbert has been in recovery for over 28 years, and believes that anyone seeking recovery can get it.  With recovery we can change the lives of others.  Michael works as an addiction counselor and has worked in the field of addiction for almost 3 decades. His education began at the Conifer Park Training Institute, with a thirteen-month Read more about Who Is Michael Herbert?[…]

What Went Well In My Recovery (Part 1)

This past year has been extremely challenging with the added responsibilities that come with being a new father and husband. Over the course of the year, my reliance upon my higher power has grown stronger than ever before and I learned how important it was for me to maintain my spiritual condition. Maintaining my spiritual Read more about What Went Well In My Recovery (Part 1)[…]

Faith Moves Mountains

As a fifty-seven year old male who at times thinks he is thirty, recently realized I’ve been here for a half century. This is in part because I don’t get to see the fullness of me, the whole physical picture that others see. Of course I get glimpses in the mirror, but never the full Read more about Faith Moves Mountains[…]

The Holidays Are Here

During the holiday season many families get together for dinner and reunions.  For some the holidays are a joyful time, for others it can be too traumatic to endure. The mixture of personalities can and often does bring about a mixture of behaviors. Old memories of events brought to light can make for great conversation. Then Read more about The Holidays Are Here[…]

What About Smoking?

You are reminded in some self help groups that Alcohol is a drug. Seventy percent of addicts and eighty five percent of alcoholics smoke. Wow, talk about addiction.  Treatment programs talk about a holistic approach. They use a medical model, but they allow smoking. One of the excuses is “lets take care of one thing at a time”. Really? Read more about What About Smoking?[…]

Is There A Stigma Surrounding Addiction?

Stigma around addiction remains. Society still looks down upon addicts. There are those who see addicts as the bottom of the barrel, weak willed and choosing to ruin their lives. The stigma prevents some from getting help. Others do see them selves as, inferior, worthless and hopeless.  Addicts and alcoholics are not bad people. Their behavior can be bizarre, Read more about Is There A Stigma Surrounding Addiction?[…]

Cultural Barriers for Recovery from a Hispanic Perspective

Asking for help is difficult in any language and any culture. How do we know when we need help? Who to ask for it and how to pay for it? What are our family and friends going to say if we ask for help? How are they going to feel about it? What are people Read more about Cultural Barriers for Recovery from a Hispanic Perspective[…]

What is Structured Family Recovery™?

To start let’s talk about treatment and what treatment offers. Treatment offers stabilization for the addict and alcoholic in the acute phase of addiction. Most addicts and alcoholics can stay clean and sober during a detox or inpatient treatment, there are some exceptions. Addiction is  that “thing” takes over and even in the best conditions Read more about What is Structured Family Recovery™?[…]

A Better Family

When I reached out to Michael Herbert for family intervention for my brother who was battling alcoholism, I didn’t know what to expect. Michael took a holistic approach and included the entire family in the recovery process. After my brother entered treatment, I thought my job was finished; however, Michael proposed Structured Family Recovery through Read more about A Better Family[…]

Recovery…Recovered That Is The Question (Part 2)

Everyone in addiction is different and goes through their own personal process of recovery. That is the beauty of us as individuals. Everyone has their own personal battles to overcome. Some may need medication to keep from using drugs. Being on a mood stabilizer can have its benefits in the short-term; however, in the long Read more about Recovery…Recovered That Is The Question (Part 2)[…]

Recovery…Recovered That Is The Question (Part 1)

The 12 step programs says that once one is in recovery they are always in recovery. Some use the term “recovered” when speaking about overcoming their addiction to drugs and alcohol. Which is correct, in recovery or recovered? And does it matter? The terms we use to describe ourselves and others matter. Language matters; however, Read more about Recovery…Recovered That Is The Question (Part 1)[…]

She Trembles

Trembling, as I document the downward spiral of, my daughter, my light. She has always been strong and independent. It is hard to watch her struggle and denial the substance that has taken over her former self. She a mere skeleton of the happy child she was once. The trail of fabrication about where she Read more about She Trembles[…]

All I Want For The Holidays Is A Sober Son

This message is about faith, hope and Gratitude. I first would like to give thanks to my higher power I choose to call G’d. I can remember as a child growing up wanting to become someone famous for helping others! I was a rebel but was against using drugs and alcohol as a child. Due Read more about All I Want For The Holidays Is A Sober Son[…]