What Is Relapse?

Do you have a family member or loved one in recovery? Are you not sure what that really means and need help understanding relapse and recovery? Recovery Guide can shed some light on this process and aide families and clients as they learn coping tools, engage differently with their loved one and learn to establish[…]

Is Life A Dream?

I’d like to introduce my friends who co-authored this article on the four agreements. Jamie and Karen Baker, who both work in the financial industry.  They are really good people. I think you will enjoy what they have to share with you today.  Is Life a Dream? Yes, it is. As I started reading The[…]

The Stigma of Addiction (Part 1)

This series of articles is based on my interview conducted on Atlantic Avenue surrounding the stigmas of addiction. Q. WHAT ARE THE STIGMAS SURROUNDING ADDICTION? A. Michael Herbert: Society has a lot of stigmas around addiction. Some of those being that drug addicts and alcoholics are bums, thieves, liars, prostitutes, criminals and just generally bad and[…]

Does Treatment Work?

Does inpatient chemical dependency treatment really work? My thoughts are not scientific, but they are based upon years of experience. It is my opinion that out of 100 clients coming to inpatient treatment, between 2 and 4 will be converted and move into recovery after completion of treatment. This means that the treatment was effective and these[…]