December 8, 2015


What is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership or agreement between a client  and a coach based on mutually established goals. As we work together towards the realization of your vision, goals and dreams, you will discover more about who you are and who you want to be, as well as where you want to go. We will create a strategy for your success that will deepen self-awareness, improve performance, and enhance the quality of your life. Professional coaching is not the same as traditional psychological counseling or psychotherapy.  Coaching is a partnership between the client and the coach that is designed to facilitate thinking and learn new behavioral patterns to facilitate personal growth or professional advancement. As a part of Life, Career, or Personal coaching, we work together to help improve your skills, enhance knowledge and achieve your goals.

What is Recovery Coaching?

At times people get stuck in recovery.  Coaching will help get you unstuck and moving forward in your recovery process. I believe that we all have the answers and the ability to work though what ever issue or barrier there are in front of us. As your coach, I will work towards revealing those answers. We will work towards changes in thinking, attitude and behavior. Recovery coaching is for those who are in recovery and not for those actively using. For those individuals in active addiction, I would act as a consultant and help get you into a safe environment that can adequately address your addiction issues and start you on the path of recovery. I do, however, provide services for nicotine counseling and smoking cessation for those who are actively smoking.

Coaching Philosophy

Motivation is not required for success. Action is what’s necessary. I want you to be inspired and driven from within. I want you to be so crystal clear about your purpose and your passion, that you don’t need to be motivated. Because you’ll be driven to succeed from within. External motivation doesn’t work for long term success, but knowing what internally motivates you does. We all have things that drive us and, inspire us, and when we tap into them, we are literally driven into action. If you’re not inspired into action every day, then you haven’t yet discovered what inspires you and drives you. When you do… You’re unstoppable. As your coach I will work with you to  help you become unstoppable.