Does Treatment Work?

food-pot-kitchen-cookingDoes inpatient chemical dependency treatment really work? My thoughts are not scientific, but they are based upon years of experience. It is my opinion that out of 100 clients coming to inpatient treatment, between 2 and 4 will be converted and move into recovery after completion of treatment. This means that the treatment was effective and these people’s direction changed and recovery happened.

Of these 100 patients, approximately 10-18 will go into recovery whether or not the program is a good one or merely an adequate one. These patients are ready to make a positive change and, for the most part, accept the task ahead of them and go on to lead drug free lives. So what about the rest?

The 75 to 80 others are more likely to continue with their dependency after treatment with the same consequences. However treatment for these 75 to 80 patients can help them avoid the fatal consequences and keep them alive! So when thinking about whether your loved one should go to treatment, think about the fact that you might be saving their life. Treatment also can help chip away at denial. Really good treatment fully involves the family members of the addict and when this happens it engages the addict in real recovery.