I Don’t Know…Should Marijuana Be Illegal?

Here Are 5 Reasons Why It Should Be

5. Smoking Pot Can Ruin Your Future

Marijuana is addictive so making it available to everyone increases the likely hood of someone developing a problem.  A stoned mother may be stoned while watching her kids. Consequences that are felt from opiate use and alcohol abuse are found in marijuana dependency. Plus, if one was to crash a car and kill someone, that’s a felony, that means prison time and that means for the rest of your life you would have to admit to having a felony on every job application. The list of things that could happen that would destroy the life’s of an individual or family are endless.

4. Smoking Weed Limits You Possibilities

You certainly can’t be an addictions counselor smoking pot. Heavy machine operator, bus driver, airline pilot and the list goes on. So who can smoke pot… clowns? TV personalities who don’t drive? Supermarket employees? People who smoke marijuana on a regular basis are far less likely to hold down a job and it severely limits your opportunities for certain professions.  A person in their early 20’s who decides to smoke marijuana regularly has cut themselves off from a multitude of possible career choices. So if you don’t smoke pot you can have anything, there are no limits. If you smoke pot you’re essentially putting constraints on your life and future.

3. Smoking Weed Impairs Your Judgment

According to a recent study, fatal car crashes involving pot use have tripled in the U.S. Marijuana does have a huge effect on the decisions you make and on your ability to perform behind the wheel of the car.  Fatal accidents in Seattle are rising drastically since the legalization of recreational pot use.  So, an over dose by pot my be next to impossible but death from driving under the influence of marijuana will and has increased due to legalization.  The more pot is made available the more likely people will drive under the influence and the more people will die, It’s that simple. There is very little difference between driving stoned and driving drunk. Plus marijuana stays in your system for 21 days, so how effective can you be for 21 days if you smoke one time.

2. Parents Who Smoke Pot Set A Bad Example For Their Kids

How do kids learn how to talk? How do kids learn how to walk? How do kids learn how to do just about everything they do? They learn it from their parents. Remember that old anti-drug commercial from the 80’s. It was called Parents Who Use Drugs. Click on the title for a flash back.  The Dad asks his son where he learned about pot and the kid screams, “I LEARNED IT FROM WATCHING YOU, DAD!” It seemed corny at the time, but it is so true.  Parents who drugs are in many cases going to have kids who do drugs. The legalization of marijuana would increase the number of parents doing drugs and thus the number of adolescents smoking weed would as well.

1. Marijuana Is The Drug Of The Future

Smoke a joint today, “Ah I’ll pay the bills tomorrow.” Get high today, “I’ll look for a job later.” Marijuana smokers are huge procrastinators. Nothing ever seems to get done. Nothing ever gets accomplished. Using marijuana for a long period of time lowers dopamine levels in the area of the brain involved in motivation. Other studies suggest that marijuana causes lethargy and apathy as well. So for an individual in their early twenty’s or teenage years this could have serious consequences, especially since the brain is not fully developed until the age of 25.  Marijuana is the drug of the future because those who use it tend to put everything off ‘til a future date, the only thing they seem to have real ambition for is getting stoned.