December 8, 2015



SFR has given me a broader, more circumspect understanding of addiction and recovery and the necessary tools required to achieve successful results. Under the careful and competent guidance of Michael Herbert through weekly meetings, our family has grown in knowledge, understanding and experience in approaching our recoveries. Week by week we are united in supporting each other, finding strength and encouragement to avoid unsuccessful behavioral and thought patterns. We each have grown as we become more committed to the SFR process. It would not be possible without Michael, whose two decades of  experience in leading families through the battlefield of addiction to restorative places of peace and hope.

-John C

In the first moments of meeting Michael Herbert he made feel fear, but that was, at the of the day, a gift. Because of his candor, that fear would mean that I would have to take a look at myself. His voice and his honesty is what has resonated in my life moving forward. My childhood of origin issues played a large role in forming my dependency on substances. So when someone like Michael came in and took those options away, thus began my recovery. It has been many years in the making, but my success stems very much in part from knowing that I will never be rescued. I needed to own my life and excel from there. Michael Herbert is a man that I will never forget for playing that so important role in my life. We all have a journey. And we all have a script. Michael is a valuable part of mine. I don’t even think he knows the weight of his influence. My successes in recovery have stemmed from this. I keep his message in mind and I moved forward. Now I have sponsees , and a sponsor. I have a good life. But I needed to accept who I was and where it all came from. My entitlement, my perception and my shortcomings as a result of those things. Until I could name those things I didn’t stand a chance. I love you Michael and you have a huge place in my heart.


A career transition is a full-time undertaking, and leaves little time available to focus on personal growth and development – 2 key components to achieving success in business. I knew I needed guidance when my to-do lists were getting longer, and I constantly felt overwhelmed. I didn’t know how a personal coach would benefit me, but I knew Michael. With his track record, level of integrity, and insightful nature, I knew that he could help me identify and overcome the obstacles in my path. Michael was absolutely instrumental in helping me move forward. He provided the clarity I needed, and it became much easier for me to prioritize and accomplish tasks, set reasonable deadlines, and say “no” to the things that were preventing my progress. Since working with Michael, I’ve come a long way, and I have no doubt that Michael can greatly benefit others in accomplishing their own personal goals.

– Sarah W.

My name is Portia, and I am an alcoholic. Those words flow so freely from me now. However, being an alcoholic in recovery, is not my only identity. It is only a part of who and what I am. I am an artist, a friend, a volunteer, a buisness women, a mother, an aunt, a gardener, a woman of strong Faith, and a recovering alcoholic. Most importantly , I am ME. I am Real. I am Alive. The word, “alive” is very important, because almost 10 years ago , I felt anything but alive. I felt many things, but not “alive” . I felt shame. I felt lost. I felt sick. I felt humiliated. I felt ” found out” I felt confused. I felt fear. I felt anger. Little did I know, all those feelings were about to change.

On July 29, 2004 I was admitted into treatment .  My last drink  was on the airplane on way to treatment.  I didn’t go by choice. I had an army of people that loved me , and wanted me well. I thought they hated me. Those were the people I fought the most. The main one, my husband. So, that’s how my story really begins. Michael Herbert was my angel. I didn’t know it at the time. I got kicked out of one therapists group, and ended up with Michael. For the first time since landing in treatment, I felt safe. I felt understood. I felt challenged. I felt believed in. I felt heard. Before I met Michael, I NEVER felt heard. I had lost my own voice and allowed others to dictate my life.

Michael taught me boundaries. He showed me in a tough but loving way that I mattered. He pushed me, and at times I didn’t think I could go on. He pushed me more. What I loved about Michael Herbert is that he ” gets it” . I remember when I first saw him , I thought inside, ” Dear God, please don’t let HIM be my therapist” for those that have never met Michael, he is a man of great presence and stature. I am only 5 feet tall. However, he is a gentle giant. He is a man of empathy. He gets it. Michael Herbert is the foundation for the life I am living today. I am almost 10 years clean. I have been so blessed. I am pursuing avenues that I never dreamed possible.

I celebrate 31 years of marriage next month. My son is about to graduate from college, and we have an awesome relationship. My recovery comes first, and I surround myself with other healthy women in A.A. I continue to refer everyone I know that is struggling to Michael. He has helped so many of my friends and my friends children. Michael Herbert is my angel, my foundation that gave me the strength, the courage and wisdom to be who I am today. Myself. I will always be forever grateful.

– Portia H. Atlanta, GA

Michael Herbert has been instrumental to my success since I met him three years ago.  Michael has the ability to help people stretch their ideas of what’s possible in a subtle yet powerful manner.  In my three years of knowing and working with Michael, I was able to increase my yearly income initially by 50% and then again an additional 41%.  I now make a comfortable income that I did not think would be possible at this stage in my career.  In life, there is a time to take small steps towards your goals and other times when you should take giant leaps towards your goals; Michael can help either way.  He has helped me; and his friendship and guidance has helped me to radically transform my life.

– Paul A.  Boca Raton, FL

Michael Herbert is an extraordinary person. We first met Michael when our son was in recovery in south Florida. His powerful voice, clear insight and direction, and compassionate spirit, helped draw our son to Michael and into forming a level of respect and trust that subsequently saved his life. Our son relapsed after his first attempt at recovery. But because Michael had remained in his and our lives, Michael was able to see when our son hit bottom and to reach out and say “it’s time.” What he meant was that he would fly over a thousand miles and spend a weekend with our son – talking our son through the process necessary for our son to conclude he needed to return to recovery. Michael’s intervention was just in time. The way he handled the process was remarkable. Michael spent days helping our son to see his situation and to make the right choices for himself. In the end our son was able to choose recovery. There is no one else – no one – who could have helped our son as Michael did. This month our son celebrates 16 months clean and sober. Michael remains in our lives to this day.

– Lindsay S. Washington, DC

This should probably be titled lifetime of crisis at least for me and my lifetime.  I was born into an alcoholic family and have lived surrounded by this disease for 61 years before I finally received help.  My grandmother, father, and brother were all alcoholics, my two sons were heroin addicts and then we realized that my husband of 40 years was an alcoholic.  I have been a really good enabler, so good I should probably win a prize.  I spent years trying to fix, stop or cure everyone and really lost touch or never really found out who I really am.  It was after 20 years of some of the finest treatment centers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and programs in the country to fix my two sons and brother that I finally found what could truly help.  The answer was not to fix everyone else but to fix me.

 I wonder now why I was so resistant to this process but I was so sure that the problem was with everyone else and my role was to fix them.  There was absolutely no way that I had a problem other than possibly needing a little encouragement and support, which I managed to get from my mother and sister.  I was the backbone of the family, I took care of everyone and my whole purpose in life was to make everyone okay.  They all had problems and I was so sure I knew exactly what they needed to do to fix their problem, if they would only do what I told them to do.  How could I possibly need help?

 It took me 61 years of total frustration, tears, sleepless nights, anxiety, depression and you name it to finally reach out and get help.  I knew where to reach, I just had to be at a point that I would listen and accept what was going to be said.  The answer was a therapist named Michael Herbert.  I met Michael several years earlier and found him to be brutally honest and so in tune with the disease of addiction.  I obviously was not ready to accept and hear everything earlier but when I was I knew where to turn.  My sons attended the finest treatment centers, psychiatrists, psychologists and programs the country has to offer but in 20 years of this process I only found one person that really seemed to have the knowledge to understand and help.

 Through Michael Herbert’s Family Guide Program I have begun the process.  I speak with Michael once a week and receive the direction and guidance to help me recover from the disease of addiction.  I do not always like what I hear or what he expects of me but after all these years I realize that if I want help I have to do these things, like it or not.  I was extremely resistant to attending Al-Anon meetings.  I was too busy, I’ve had a business to run, a house I was remodeling. Why did I need Al-Anon? I’m not an alcoholic.   I had been to a couple of meetings and was convinced that those were not for me. But in working with Michael, he encouraged me to attend at least 8 different meetings to find ones that were right for me.  Very reluctantly I did as I was told.  After the 4th meeting I could see why I needed these meetings and realized I may not like them all every single time but most of the time I receive so much insight, support and strength that encourages me to work on myself.  I am seeing tremendous results in my serenity, acceptance and direction in life.  I have a long way to go but can now see how the process works and how it spreads to those in my life that are also affected.

– Barbara J., Atlanta, GA