Training Wheels (cont.)

young-game-match-kidsThere is a saying, “move a muscle, change a thought”. Recovery for families is not an intellectual process it is action. What is that action? Find someone who can direct you to the people and places where families recover. Someone who knows how to motivate the family and the addict, to take the steps needed to recover.

Recovery Guide provides assistance when the temporary motivation wanes. Education about the disease is great but it is not enough to create the lasting change. Families need someone experienced working along them, the addict and with others to achieve the goal of recovery. Family members should feel left alone. There is help, and mentors, other people that have walked down this road.

Recovery Guide will help design a road map, with a clear concise guide to achieving the goal of recovery and create lasting change. Consistency and repetition help make this change a part of daily activities. There is help for dealing with denial, setting boundaries, and creating clearer communication.There is someone who will be in touch to help him or her say what he or she means and mean what he or she says. Give yourself a break.

The attitude and thinking will change once the behaviors change, and freedom from the ill effects of addiction are achieved. Recovery Guide will work with families to address the recovery needs through intervention, assessment, case management, and utilizing Structured Family Recovery ™ Family members are affected equally if not more than the addict and seem to receive just a small percentage of the help.

To be clearer on this families have been devastated by this disease, and face depression, anxiety, financial ruin, loss of their loved ones through death, major health problems, isolation, spiritual vagueness, pain and anger. Addiction hurts! How do family members get better? By putting priorities in order, the family has to begin to see that the most effective way to help loved ones is to put the oxygen mask on first, focus on themselves and admit to how they have been affected by addiction and become open to be helped.