What Went Well In My Recovery (Part 1)

This past year has been extremely challenging with the added responsibilities that come with being a new father and husband. Over the course of the year, my reliance upon my higher power has grown stronger than ever before and I learned how important it was for me to maintain my spiritual condition. Maintaining my spiritual connection with my high power was accomplished through daily prayer, spiritual readings, personal inventory, and most importantly helping others. When I don’t do these simple steps I become restless, irritable and discontent.

– Jon, a loving father, husband, son

This has been an incredible year in my recovery. I have accepted I can be happy and sad at the same time. My sister died and a grandchild was born the same week. I am learning to be comfortable with being who I am. My feelings are just that….I have learned to honor them.

– Ellen a recovering family member

To answer your question, I’ve been sick this year–very sick and mostly bedridden–with Lyme disease. What has been the biggest part of my life and recovery is being of service. I teach creative writing in prison. I am grateful that I can still do that–it’s my “one thing” I’m able to do each week, that I have one talent that can make me useful in a special way, and that I have learned so much from my students–men in a max security prison.

– Anonymous

Steven, recovering addict and alcoholic, father to two amazing young boys, who have only known a sober dad. Celebrated 15 years of sobriety, and the dream of a life time has become a reality….emigrating to the USA by year end. And another blessing was being told off by a friend who had just celebrated 30 years in recovery…her message….stop taking your recovery for granted…up the ante…and loving going back to the basics again.

Jacob, brother of an addict in recovery, and working the steps as well. What went well is I opened my mind to the possibility that I could find serenity by working the program. By seeing my brother work it, I began to build confidence in its ability to help people. He never once pushed me to join, it was attraction not promotion. He lived it, I saw it, and now I believe it.

What went well in my recovery this year? It is the day after Thanksgiving and what I am so thankful for is my sobriety, I wouldn’t have my life without it. To begin with, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with my children who both returned home from their respective universities. This weekend we will spend time together as we did all year. My recovery allows for the genuine relationships I have in my life with my family, friends, colleagues and community. This past year, I was hired as a substance abuse counselor. I am paying it forward. My recovery has allowed me to continue to grow in my journey as a person, I am happy, all smiles and sober! What more can I want!

-Debbie W.

What went well? What is working for me? It’s with renewed hope and work that I started back again this year- more meetings, more program, service, a phone full of numbers of recovering people, ‘ give back, what was freely given ‘ – I was told – the rewards are immense- freedom from anxiety and stress and being able to give of myself – to stay out of the conflict of things. The calm and deep peace of mind- everyone benefits from that place I find myself- friends, family – everyone

Blessed Mark – recovering addict/alcoholic

-20 years clean and sober