What Went Well In My Recovery (Part 2)

Hi Michael…..I’m pleased to share how proud I feel when I see my son pursuing his career path, thinking clearly, concerned about his physical fitness, and once again being the thoughtful, caring, and loving person I knew him to be when he was a youngster. Because we came so close to what could have happened, we take special pleasure in every moment that goes well now. Happily, there are many of those moments.

-A Thankful Mom

There was a time when I’d almost lost hope that this would or even could be what his future might look like….I hope other families recognize their roles, the need for patience, and the need for their belief that, with the right help, their addict can turn it all around. Hard work for everyone….but so worthwhile!!.

– A Grateful Mother

Happy holidays. There is much to be thankful for. A friend and her family came over last night and we where talking about you. There were other people here so I had to caption how you are my spiritual advisor. I have been so submersed in making the new company successful and have not done much for my recovery. The glaring things that come out are that I wouldn’t be able to connect with you on that level. Additionally, the conscious contact and understanding that I wouldn’t have anything in my life or any of these opportunities if it wasn’t for recovery. That is my basic boiled down reflection. – Anonymous

It was a great year we are blessed with a beautiful family, amazing friends and now another baby girl on the way. For our recovery, our higher power plays a key role in our every day life. Remaining humble, grateful, honest and caring is something we practice as often as we can. Sometimes this means making really hard decisions, other times its just smiling at the old lady in Publix.

– Patrick & Family

Hi Michael, happy holidays!! In answer to your question. My recovery is a day to day journey. Since the disease of addiction affected our family I have been a grateful Alanon member. I read Alanon literature every day, talk with others in the rooms along with my sponsor, and have faith in a Higher Power. I breathe, remember how important is it, and try not to go to every fight I’m invited to. I focus on acceptance and forgiveness for myself and others. One day at a time. I am a wife, mother and mother-in-law to recovering addicts, but I am my own qualifier.

2016 was my year. I got engaged to an amazing women. I was offered a dream career well beyond my current capabilities. I have found my social circle has grown exponentially. I’m really excited for the life that lies ahead. I’m comfortably in my skin. I’m not prone to anxiety or depression anymore. AA had made a promise to me when I began this this journey that I will have a life beyond my wildest dreams and my initial experience was this was a puffing sales tactic. It took 9 years but it materialized. It just took patience and perseverance. I believe the foundation of my experience lies in living a principled life rooted in a personal connection to a higher power. – Anonymous