What Went Well In My Recovery (Part 3)

Support. Asking for support from my family and friends is very hard for me, because I worry about what people think about me.

Asking for support is an act of acceptance, and it forces me to admit that I need the help. It’s critical to my #recovery and has made my life so much more fulfilled.

It has also brought me much closer to the people that I love, which is such a blessing.

– Anonymous

This year my only child, my daughter celebrated one year of recovery from alcoholism. That has been one of the greatest gifts yet.

In January, if all goes well, I will have 14 years of #recovery and have received many many blessings, my own business, good health, traveling, new friends, relationships, the ability to help my family and most importantly, the opportunity to help others while on their journey of recovery & life.

I’m truly grateful to be a recovered alcoholic. Not cured but a daily reprieve from a deadly disease.

– Millie T.

It’s a real gift to be connected with the 12 step program. Feeling connected has given me a purpose, the ability to give back and help others.

Today, most of my friends, I have met in the rooms, including my golfing buddies! I am extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to get my life back in track and be able to help others!

– Recovering Addict

After eight years, our answering machine remains my constant reminder of what was wrong and what has changed.

The old dread of returning home to find a red blinking light is gone, but not forgotten. I now push “Play” without fear, but still remember when I was most afraid.

– Dad of recovery of addict

For 26 years of my life, I had a voice of insecurity, fear, manipulation, and lies (both to myself and to others.)

In my 8th year of sobriety, my voice is strengthening in honesty, commitment, and integrity. It is no longer ruled by alcohol and drugs.

It now allows me to ask for help, which I see as a sign of strength. My mantra this year has been, “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.”

#Sobriety has allowed a lot more “yeses” in my life!

– Recovering Addict

My father who never raised me is now in my care. It’s a very hard job, he has lost his memory and thinks my nephew steals his stuff.

Because I’m in recovery I’ve learned the importance of helping others in need, like I was helped.

If I was not in recovery I wouldn’t be able to manage this task. #Recovery has giving me more strength than I had on my own.

– Recovering addict

I had an amazing sponsee come into my life at just the right time, when I was struggling. He made me remember the importance of giving back.


This year was my 20th year clean, and the “basics” that were drilled into my brain by my beloved predecessors were what kept me grounded, sane, and clean no matter what.

Loss, cancer, parenting struggles, new business challenges… I go to meetings, call my sponsor, read the literature, and pray, pray, and pray some more.

The promise of freedom from active addiction has come true every day in my life since January 16, 1996. I’m blessed and graced with being a “No Matter What” addict. Blood, sweat, grind, and mercy work. Always!

Peace be with you all.

– An addict and a human being

In my first six months of #recovery I was reluctant to change because of how uncomfortable it felt. For 24 years I focused my drive and intellect on furthering an image I created and projected to the outside world.

I knew from experience that I was capable of great accomplishments but I was unaware that humility was necessary for me to have success in #sobriety.

Days, weeks, and months at a time I learned to put my #trust in others and stay out of my own way.

As I approach one year sober, I am so grateful to my Higher Power for putting people in my life and for giving me the willingness to listen to them.

– Recovering Alcoholic

This year has been great! I had a lot of ups and some downs. I surrounded myself with #sober friends, which was great.

We enjoyed doing a lot of activities such as going to ball games, the beach, concerts, weddings, amongst other things.

Life is beautiful! I really enjoy it to the fullest these days. I’m grateful for this new reality I’ve created for myself.

– Pedro A.

I found someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. Now a 70 year old man. I was sure I would spend the rest of my life alone.

I guess there is no limit to the number of second chances God gives us.

So grateful for every day we spend together.

– Gary H.