Who Is Michael Herbert?

Michael Herbert has been in recovery for over 28 years, and believes that anyone seeking recovery can get it.  With recovery we can change the lives of others. 

Michael works as an addiction counselor and has worked in the field of addiction for almost 3 decades. His education began at the Conifer Park Training Institute, with a thirteen-month internship. Included were 450 hours of education along with 2500 hours experiential work with patients. 

Michael’s first job was at a therapeutic community called Samaritan Village in NYC.  In working as a re-entry counselor Michael learned about the effectiveness of long term treatment. After working with Samaritan Village he transitioned to an Intensive Outpatient Program called Inter-Care LTD. There he started as a counselor and moved up to the position of program director. When Michael left New York, he took a position working in Houston Texas at Riverside General Hospital. After working in Texas he went on to accept a position as a primary therapist at the Renaissance Institute of Palm Beach.  He worked there for seven years until making a change to fulfill his dream to live and work overseas, and Egypt was his choice.

During his time in Egypt he taught at Behman Hospital and worked at the Mahdi Psychological Center. After a year away, and realizing how American he really was, he returned to Florida to work another six years at Caron Renaissance. 


Michael has provided services for the NY Theological Seminary’s children at risk program and The Dance Theater of Harlem. Michael has worked with The New York City Police Department’s members assistance program (MAP) and New York State Lawyers Assistance Program. He also worked with Greenwich Village youth counsel providing assessment services for LGBTQ youth. Michael currently provides addiction assessments, referrals, and intervention services at Recovery Guide LLC. He also facilitates weekly 1397074_10208388775813800_5637583326865167810_ogroups, individual coaching, family coaching and structured family recovery.

Michael is a Certified Structured Family Recovery Counselor, International Certified Alcoholism and Drug Counselor and a Certified Intervention Professional. He continues to work domestically as well as internationally. 

Some of Michael’s past accomplishments include being a veteran of the U.S. Navy and, at the age of 50, becoming a runner and completing his first ultra marathon. The marathon was one hundred fifty five miles across the Sahara desert. He is also Crossfit enthusiast.

Michael, along with many workshops and retreats, is a proud graduate of the Hoffman Process.  He also proudly completed University Of Miami’s Professional Coaching Course.

Michael was featured as a cameo in the film Desert Runners and has provided on screen interventions for Columbia tri-star television.